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The Advantages of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Natural gas is one of the best fossil fuels that produces more energy. It is also colorless and odorless, which makes it easy to process. One of the process results of natural gas is liquefied natural gas. Just like its name, this is the liquid form of natural gas. Now, there are many benefits you can get from this form.

It is Cheaper

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has cheaper production costs than other fossil fuel. Furthermore, its value in the commodity market is also more stable. It allows people to predict their movement easily, which increase business growth in the energy commodity field.

Environmental Friendlier

Compared to other fossil fuels, LNG also produces a less dangerous substance that harms the environment. It produces less CO2. It also doesn’t have ash or particulates as the residue after usage. You also find a minimal amount of NOx and SO2. It also evaporates quickly, which minimizes the polluting effect on the water or soil.

High Efficiency

LNG also produces more energy than other fossil fuels. Its flammability range can reach 5 to 15% of its volume in the air. So, when you use this energy with proper heat and power installation, you can use 80% of its volume at the maximum level. Compared to coal, it is 60% more efficient.

Easy to Transport

Once the natural gas is processed and changes into LNG, it saves 600 times space for its transportation. The weight is also much lighter than water. Therefore, you can easily transport it to other pleas using a proper vehicle.


In short, liquefied natural gas is the future fuel. Currently, we still have so many supplies of natural gas that can be processed into LNG. It can last at least 200 years with the current consumption rate. So, this is the solution that we need to make our Earth a better living place.

Attract More Visitors with Water and Fountain Show

Fountains and water attractions are always attracting people to come. Your company and the business area will be more attractive and eye-catching if the fountain has a light show or musical fountain show. This simple attraction looks fascinating and visitors of all ages will love it. Here, we want to explain what you can do with the water and fountain to make it more spectacular. 

Water Tunnel Effect  

The first option is applying the water tunner effect.  It is one of the popular attractions since people are excited to cross over a water tunnel. They will feel the splashes of the water as well as a beautiful water light show. It will be a unique and memorable experience for visitors. You can set the length of the water tunnel based on your need. A  company such as the Aquatic Show offers a 21 meters length of the water tunnel. The water tunnel looks fascinating at night along with colorful lights. 

Water Special Effect 

Another great show you can offer to visitors is a water special effect. This attraction looks fascinating to see. It seems that the water moves and alive. This project can be a new regular event in your business area. This project is using a water graphic where the technology will cut and curve the water. The water special effect event will be more wonderful at night along with beautiful lighting. It seems that visitors enter a water world that they never imagined before. 


You can include fog on the water show performance. Fog gives a dramatic event anywhere you put it. You can put a fog on the opening, during the show, and at the end of the show. Creating fog involves a sophisticated technology and system. Let a professional company help this project. 

The point is that you can use the abundant source your company has. One of the simple sources is water. The key is making the water look fantastic to see. Let a professional team such as expert teams from Aquatic Show handle this project.   

The Way Insurance Claims Management by Cegedim Helps Health Insurance Industry

Dealing with health insurance claims are confusing sometimes. Insurance companies should manage a million claims a year. Cegedim offers a solution by providing insurance companies with insurance claims management software known as Actisure Claims. How can this software help insurance companies to manage their claims? 

Automatic Pre-Authorisation

This software helps to authorize the data automatically. It uses a single-screen view. You can check the claim status. The system classifies the in progress claims and paid claims. The software also helps to calculate the amount of benefit per detailed limit in a real-time. Your employees may be a little bit bored with the most common question from the insurers such as “Am I covered for this?” This software solves this problem by using an instant answer based on the requirements.  

Support Health Insurance Companies with a Real-Time Data

Health insurance companies have to handle millions of members. It takes time to find and classify the data, especially if they use traditional methods. The worst part is that they often have fraudulent claims. Insurance Claims Management software by Cegedim understands this problem. This software helps by giving real-time data. Health Insurance companies will get the details of their members, valuable information, and photographs. The process is faster, easier, and more accurate than traditional methods. 

Compatible for Any Claim Submission Processes

It is not a problem whether insurance companies are using a manual or digital system. This software is compatible with any claim submission processes whether the companies are using manual and digital processes. Actisure Claims software is easy to adapt to multiple standards. The process is better and accurate than before. This software supports improvement within the Health Insurance industry. Based on the way the software works, Actisure Claims software is not only suitable for health insurance companies but also doctors, hospitals, brokers, insureds, HR departments, and our clients. Insurance Claims Management helps to give a revolutionary system in the health insurance industry.