The Way Insurance Claims Management by Cegedim Helps Health Insurance Industry

Dealing with health insurance claims are confusing sometimes. Insurance companies should manage a million claims a year. Cegedim offers a solution by providing insurance companies with insurance claims management software known as Actisure Claims. How can this software help insurance companies to manage their claims? 

Automatic Pre-Authorisation

This software helps to authorize the data automatically. It uses a single-screen view. You can check the claim status. The system classifies the in progress claims and paid claims. The software also helps to calculate the amount of benefit per detailed limit in a real-time. Your employees may be a little bit bored with the most common question from the insurers such as “Am I covered for this?” This software solves this problem by using an instant answer based on the requirements.  

Support Health Insurance Companies with a Real-Time Data

Health insurance companies have to handle millions of members. It takes time to find and classify the data, especially if they use traditional methods. The worst part is that they often have fraudulent claims. Insurance Claims Management software by Cegedim understands this problem. This software helps by giving real-time data. Health Insurance companies will get the details of their members, valuable information, and photographs. The process is faster, easier, and more accurate than traditional methods. 

Compatible for Any Claim Submission Processes

It is not a problem whether insurance companies are using a manual or digital system. This software is compatible with any claim submission processes whether the companies are using manual and digital processes. Actisure Claims software is easy to adapt to multiple standards. The process is better and accurate than before. This software supports improvement within the Health Insurance industry. Based on the way the software works, Actisure Claims software is not only suitable for health insurance companies but also doctors, hospitals, brokers, insureds, HR departments, and our clients. Insurance Claims Management helps to give a revolutionary system in the health insurance industry.

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