3 Solutions to Make Indonesia Become More Greener

The movement and effort to make Indonesia much more environmentally friendlier was started years ago as a part of the renewable energy asia movement. However, the result is almost zero. The main problem here is Indonesian still love to use the fossil-fueled vehicle, especially motorbike for transportation. And this is the biggest contributor to the high pollution level in many big cities. So, how can we solve it?

Make It Affordable

A hybrid or electric vehicle is still quite expensive in Indonesia. Indonesia Government should be giving some incentive for the manufacturer to produce this green energy vehicle. Thus, they can lower their price, and people can buy it.

Make It Trend

We need a top figure to initiate the usage of renewable energy vehicles to spread the trend of green energy. Nowadays, there is no top figure, celebrities or important person in Indonesia that many people follow, use this green type vehicle. 

Many of them even bought and used the premium class car that produces more emission than the common vehicle that people in Indonesia used. So, if there is at least one person that has a big influence on many people start this green trend, the way to apply renewable energy concept in Indonesia will be much easier.  

The Education

Sadly, many practices and traditions in Indonesia don’t support environmental protection. For example, many people still burn the forest to open field for plantation. Deforestation also become one of the common practices of many people. Therefore, if education about the importance of protecting the environment can be applied to children, we believe that in the future, this kind of damaging practice will be disappeared. 

All those solutions are difficult to apply. However, with the cooperation between the Indonesian Government and independent power producer, there is a hope that Indonesia will have a better way to use energy.

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