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3 Important Things in SMC2 Building Concept

SMC2 is a company that focuses on building a sports facility and leisure building. The most interesting thing about this company is how they build their creation. There are three main aspects that they always pay more attention to, in order to create the building. For example, you can see on the sports hall construction that they built.

For sports hall, they consider the technical, financial, and ecological aspects to design the building. The technical aspect can be seen from how they use the wood framework that’s covered by glue-like material. Moreover, they also choose the special fabric membrane that can last for 17 years. Then, they also design the air flow, by applying the system that can prevent the condensation.

The financial aspect can be seen from how the sports hall indoor system. It can save more energy if you compare it with other design. And with this special design, it can save 50% of the cost for heating or cooling functionality.

The last important aspect is the ecological aspect. SMC2 use specially optimized fabric membrane construction system. This design allows the building to have better energy usage, which gives less-impact to the environment. Moreover, they also apply this concept to the building process. Basically, they build a building that isn’t only saving more money, but also good for the environment.

Those three are the most important aspect of SMC2 working progress. However, like other construction company, the appearance also becomes another important aspect that they consider. Therefore, the building that they build is also high in its artistic value. The usage of fabric roof or special framework is a small example of that system. One thing for sure, this kind of building concept is important for our planet. So, it needs to be spread out and applied as much as we can.

The Way Total Oil and Gas Company Explore New Resources

Discovering new oil resources and developing it are a challenging activity. The company needs to consider several things so they can take the oil and gas resources without damaging the surrounding. Total is a company which focuses on the energy field understand about it. This company has some ways to optimize the result as well as control the risks.

Physical Chemistry Process

Total is trying to improve the oil recovery by using the physical chemistry process. They are done the process by applying chemical EOR or chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery. It works by injecting chemicals which help to boost the recovery process. This system will make the process is more efficient than before.

Explore the Portfolio Maximally

Moreover, Total is also maximizing the portfolio exploration. This effort is used to support the hydrocarbon exploration strategy by selecting all the portfolio of the high-potential prospects. The achievement is to get a maximal profit with a few risks. By applying this strategy, the company is able to supply up to 400 millions barrels of oil per year.

Professional Organizational Structure

A maximal exploration can be achieved by using a good structure and applying it in the right way. Total is using a professional organizational structure to cover five divisions including America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, North Sea, and Russia. By using the professional organizational structure, the company is able to boost the result of hydrocarbon exploration program as well as achieve all the goals. This is also an important strategy to develop a good relationship with the other regions to find any kind of possibilities.

Criteria for a Good Prospect Area

The company also follows the specific criteria while finding and developing a prospect area. Let say, the source has to be clear enough along with sufficient quantities of hydrocarbon. They also need to understand the hydrocarbon pathway and find out the hydrocarbon quality. The process has to meet those criteria so the company is able to do and reach the hydrocarbon exploration goals maximally.