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Sample Preparation – Tissue Homogenization with Precellys Evolution Homogenizer

Sample preparation is one of the most critical steps when it comes to extracting the master molecules from the biological samples. precellys evolution homogenizer will help you to grind any sample for the analysis use along with the tissue homogenization for a better result. We will explain the further facts about this advanced technology offered by Bertin Instruments.

Tissue homogenizer

tissue homogenization step is one of the first steps you should do when it comes to the sample preparation protocol for extracting the molecules. Precellys tissue homogenizer from Bertin Instruments offers a full solution to a achieve all types of sample preparation. This product is designed to prevent any cross-contamination by using the cell disruption or the optimal tissue grinding.

Precellys Evolution Homogenizer

This product is specifically designed to optimize the scientific need when you work in the laboratory. Precellys Evolution homogenizer is an innovation that combines efficiency and flexibility for both R&D and routine projects. The robustness is optimal as well as its safety key. It provides a very simple operating step – just push and play to use it. The flexibility and efficiency features allow the users to get the optimal grinding or homogenizing all types of any sample for any subject types.

Why you should use Precellys Evolution Homogenizer

This product will be useful for you because it supports composed over 2,000 scientific documents according to the user experience to decide the best protocol step for the sample. This product is also the most versatile tool of homogenizer due to its wide range of lysing kits. You basically need no specific advanced training to operate this device since it is very easy to handle.

Until nowadays, this device has been widely used worldwide and more than 30,000 scientists have been using it for their work in laboratories. So, this machine of Percellys Evolution Homogenizer will be the best purchase for supporting your work.