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Taking the Retail Opportunities in Riyadh

Much has been said and written about the globalization of markets in the new century. Increasingly, companies do not see them as limited to the purchase of state and society, or even country. To be successful in the new world economy, we must look at our market, international, if any, competition and customers to look at this market.

He wanted to make trouble for the impact of international trade on national workforce. While this is a source of concern, and the old axiom that every problem is an opportunity to apply the business model. If we as employers begin to see the international business community, as we have the opportunity to take advantage of markets and sources of income can not be understood only in the market environment, we can capture new benefits that can come with success in this market.

However, doing business in foreign markets requires some changes in how we go about the structure of the contract and our sales and distribution network. Began one of the most explosive market will only be available for Western companies is a rich culture of the Middle East. With the explosion of Dubai plans to the alienation of many cultures in the Middle East, it becomes possible to “Taking retail in Riyadh,” if we are willing to learn the culture and how to access those markets. To do so, should consider the following limitations.

  • Middle Eastto protect themselves. Many Middle Eastern countries to restrict trade occur only among domestic businesses. This can be done in all parts of using partnerships with local companies that can bring your product, and creating a local franchise. Still own the company, such as profit, but to determine the economic state in the Middle Easthas been established to honor this restriction.
  • Middle Eastmarket operates under Islamic law. There will be no disruption of daily prayer, and are expected to honor the Islamic holiday. So get ready for this traditional joint. It is also sensitive to anything that refers to the products of other religious views. This is not ashamed of our civilization. He knows exactly how to work profitably in Islamic culture.
  • Distribution and management should be internationalized. May not be able to create a warehouse in the middle of Saudi Arabia with your company name on it. Because the bias of the host country that you want to do business, and profits of each distribution channel, current passes from Europe or other countries in the track of the products to the Middle East and the transfer of ownership, management and distribution of co-products in the Arab Middle East before the products enter the countries. This creates a network provides an accurate long-term.
  • There are friends and enemies in the Middle East. Many are afraid to do business in the Middle East because of the risk due to the conflict recently. Just be aware that the West has many allies in the countries and the desire to work with the most advanced economies in the Middle East. With your care, such as coffee and use of local wisdom to handle the relationship of business transactions, you can do business in the Middle East, secure and efficient.

This is important when considering whether the time has come for your company to start providing products and services in rich countries in the Middle East. But if the time has come that your business is ready to start building those channels of international trade, the results can be very beneficial to your bottom line. This is very valuable investment if the business structure and developed wisely.


The Impact of Minimum Wage for Employers

In January 2007, the government raised the federal minimum wage. This is old news in some countries where the minimum wage goes up months before the Congress to act. No matter how you look at the increase in labor costs affect the business climate and how companies can make important decisions in 2007 and moving forward.

Theoretically should increase the minimum wage a nonevent economically. It should be simple to adjust for inflation, the company that has changed. In fact, inflation increases the cost price of goods and business expenses, and one can expect from the wages of employees to increase physical match that upward slope caused by inflation.

How do you see a good or a bad increase in the minimum wave may depend on which side of the fence, which lives on the part of employers or workers. For employers to increase labor costs make business more expensive, and affect the outcome. Employees, employers are only able to compete and pay him to pay staff in which to live. In many cases, probably from both sides of this issue, if you own or manage a business, but there is someone in your family tries to live on minimum wage.

Companies most affected by the upward pressure on wages low. Companies that employ large numbers of unskilled workers and low wage workers can see a big jump in the cost of maintenance workers for a wage increase federal, state or jurisdiction for the workers. Many times small businesses that operate on thin margins, and that any changes in cost structure can be a fatal blow to their budgets. In addition, because the model of small business is very competitive, and there is enough room to raise prices to customers or clients, without the expense of losing business from the biggest competitor is able to absorb this increase in minimum wage, increase in prices.

These concerns are the reason for this is partly the government’s position to the point, Congress is slow to raise the minimum wage. Already there is hatred of people for companies that move their production facilities or support overseas to take advantage of low wage earners to maintain the bottom line on the right track. You should know that the cost of labor is a major issue when the company was ready to transfer most of the work in foreign countries, and to take all these costs only to determine that the basis of employees who would work under minimum wage.

From the perspective of workers, it is difficult to understand how this trend to lower paid jobs abroad can change. We are too late to stop the company from taking measures necessary to compete in a market that is the cause of a law to stop the export of jobs is not a popular idea. While it can be helpful in this case, workers in this country, and this applies to reverse our priorities to let the free market and capitalism play out. Unfortunately, when the free market does not govern, and to get people is sometimes treated well by the program.

The best way for American workers to compete with unskilled workers abroad is to stop the unskilled labor. By taking advantage of educational opportunities and gain valuable skills, they can enter new markets, where the ability to earn wages and good jobs, you may not go abroad because of the special skills of workers are given to entrepreneurs. So the best way to fight the government to export jobs because of high labor costs are not artificially depressed the market to block free trade. The best step is to make employees more skilled, more value for workers to barricade just foreign competition. This is capitalism at work, at best, and if the next line of attack, and as a result of all this is the most powerful labor force, and keeping jobs inAmerica, and a stronger national economy as well.