3 Solutions to Make Indonesia Become More Greener

The movement and effort to make Indonesia much more environmentally friendlier was started years ago as a part of the renewable energy asia movement. However, the result is almost zero. The main problem here is Indonesian still love to use the fossil-fueled vehicle, especially motorbike for transportation. And this is the biggest contributor to the high pollution level in many big cities. So, how can we solve it?

Make It Affordable

A hybrid or electric vehicle is still quite expensive in Indonesia. Indonesia Government should be giving some incentive for the manufacturer to produce this green energy vehicle. Thus, they can lower their price, and people can buy it.

Make It Trend

We need a top figure to initiate the usage of renewable energy vehicles to spread the trend of green energy. Nowadays, there is no top figure, celebrities or important person in Indonesia that many people follow, use this green type vehicle. 

Many of them even bought and used the premium class car that produces more emission than the common vehicle that people in Indonesia used. So, if there is at least one person that has a big influence on many people start this green trend, the way to apply renewable energy concept in Indonesia will be much easier.  

The Education

Sadly, many practices and traditions in Indonesia don’t support environmental protection. For example, many people still burn the forest to open field for plantation. Deforestation also become one of the common practices of many people. Therefore, if education about the importance of protecting the environment can be applied to children, we believe that in the future, this kind of damaging practice will be disappeared. 

All those solutions are difficult to apply. However, with the cooperation between the Indonesian Government and independent power producer, there is a hope that Indonesia will have a better way to use energy.

4 High Tech Marking Devices by Technomark Marking

Some industries need to be supported by a permanent mark. The permanent mark is used to give a sign or a particular code. It has to be strong enough so the sign or code can’t be erased easily. In this case, companies need to use dot peen technology. You can use the products provided by Technomark Marking. The list below is the products you can use to support the marking process. 

Multi 4 Bench 

This technology is manufactured for companies that need to create a mark, code, or sign in a small to medium part. The operator can make the layout or file in a few seconds. The machine is also easy to operate so the operator can create a mark immediately perfectly. The most important thing, the mark is clean, the same with the file, and permanent. This is not only useful for creating a mark in a single part but also in mass production. The work can be done immediately along with the help of the smart system.     

Multi 4 Hand-Held

This machine is designed for companies that have to create a mark in a large or cumbersome part. It helps you a lot to create a mark on the surface that is difficult to reach. The machine can be operated with a battery so you can use it indoors or outdoors. The system and buttons are also easy to use so it helps the operator to create a mark perfectly. 

Multi 4 Combo

This is a multifunction marking device where you can use it for all types of parts. You can also change the device into two different models which are a bench model and a hand-held model in a few seconds. 

Multi 4 Integrated 

It is an automatic marking device and suitable for small production. The operator can control the device from the external source. The smart system helps the device to create a mark perfectly. 

Indeed, Technomark Marking is one of the industrial marking solutions for all companies that need to create a permanent and high-quality mark. Companies can make any kind of marks, signs, and codes perfectly just like what they need faster and easier. 

The Valuable Things from Extra Synthese

Extra Synthese is a company that produces phytochemical substances. The company has two main services which are phytochemical libraries and technical services. Let’s discuss the services here. 

Phytochemical Libraries 

The company has a unique reference substance. Because of the variety of substances they have, the company is ready to give a sample for biological screening. Moreover, businesses or companies that need high-quality packaging, labeling, and barcoding can ask help to this service.  

Technical Services 

Extra Synthese has more than 30 years of experience in extraction, synthesis, purification, and phytochemicals analysis. Along with the experience, the team is ready to support your business activities such as supporting the analytical standards. For example, you can let the team analyze your herbal or extract. The purpose is to get the best herbal standard that safe and beneficial for the customers. The team is also ready to purify and separate substances. They are using a chromatography method for an effective purification and separation process. You can also get the latest analytical method and expert analysis for phytochemicals or botanicals from this company. 

Other Benefits You Get from Extra Synthese 

Besides achieving the two main services above, you can also use the official website to search for the information you need. You can find information about a particular substance, chemical family, quality grades, and botanical reference materials. You just have to write down the products, plants, formulas, specifications, or structures and click the search button. You will get the explanation in a few seconds. Due to the long experience, the service has developed a catalog so you can find hundreds of phytochemical standards including polyphenols, carotenoids, terpenes, alkaloids, and many more. Companies can use the catalog and information for the early stage of research and development. The service also has a variety of products and the latest technology and tools to provide users with the best quality and accurate results.