Solid Panels PANOPLOT

Have you heard of PANOPLOT? Well, PANOPLOT is ready to use panel manufactured by a French wood producer. The panels are made of solid full stave lamellas. Its sides and width are glued together. Visit this URL to take a look at how these panels would help you with your home.

The panels are great for decoration, layout, table tops, stairs, and so on. In fact, the wood species along with various finishing types will allow you to choose the one that suits your application. The panels are available in beech, oak, poplar, acacia, chestnut, larch, common spruce, Douglas, ash, and so on.

The solid panels from PANOPLOT are made of lamellas. It is available in several thickness options such as 13mm, 19mm, 26mm, 33mm, and 40mm. Meanwhile, the widths are available in two options such as 650mm and 950mm. Depending on the species, the length of the panels is varied between 900mm and 2,400mm.

Both sides are well sanded and the panels are cut to the available dimensions. Each panel is wrapped in film individually and has been certified by FSC or PEFC depending on the species. The certification has ensured the top notch quality.

Using the panels from PANOPLOT is quite a convenience. It is simple and ready to use while also saves your time on installing the panels. The manufacturer guarantees that the panels are well-dried considering it also determines the stability. On the other hand, the panels are optimized storage too.

No matter where you live, the manufacturer is ready to ship the products worldwide. So, if you need solid panels for your home, all you need to do is giving them a call. The manufacturer has been around and becomes an expert in wood since 1885. They know the best when it comes to woods. You can visit their website through

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