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Mixer Machine: Principles and Functions in Different Industries

Mixer, just like the name, is a tool to mix in a system of emulsion to produce a homogeneous dispersion. In general, there are 2 types of the mixer in the industry based on the number of propellers; they are mixers with one and two propellers. A mixer with one propeller is commonly used to mix the liquid with a low level of viscosity while the two-propeller mixer is used for liquid with a high level of viscosity.

In choosing a mixer, the number of propellers is essential for sure. But it is not enough; you must make sure that the mixer, in general, is in good condition. Well, if you are interested to buy an industrial mixer machine in the near future, the products from Sofraden is worth to try.

Sofraden is a company for industrial mixers that are established since 1991. There are some products available in which all of them are mainly functioned as a dissolver, disperser, and reactor mixer for liquid and vicious products. The mixers are divided into 6 types in this company. They are the intensive mixer, reactor-disperser, vacuum dryer mixer, ribbon mixer, rotary drum mixer, twin-screw mixer, lab mixer, and auxiliary devices. The mixers are effective for different industries including chemical products, cosmetics, food, construction, and more.

The products from the company apply the principles of fluid mechanism and materials movement. It is due to the fact that materials mixing can only be done well if there is movement from the materials whether it is vertically or horizontally. The mixing purposes using the tools are to produce elastic dough and gluten development that is expected.

Meanwhile, to make sure that the mixers produced the good quality mix, the mixers, including the high viscosity mixer, feature the various agitation systems for some fluids displacement. The displacement is related to some directions including radial, axial, and tangential flows. The directions are just in line with the principle of the mechanical movement mentioned previously.