Two Types of Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts in the Industry

One of the most important investments one can make is undoubtedly a heavy duty lift. It does not matter whether you are a homeowner looking for a lift for home garage use, or a thriving auto shop business looking for a heavy duty truck lift to help them get the job done. As an integral part of vehicle repair and maintenance, knowing the different types of vehicle lift will help your learning and selecting process.

Two-post lifts

As the most common vehicle lifts available on the market, two-post lifts are particularly popular for its supportive stabiliation arms. Not only that, it also features incredibly sturdy posts and best of all, it’s far more cost-effective than other options. Those who have just gotten into repair industry will undoubtedly benefit from this type of lifts. Small shops will also benefit from the fact that it doesn’t require large storage space. The following are two different options of of two-post lifts:

·   Overhead lifts

This option features hydraulic hose with equalization cables placed on top of the lift.

·    Floorplate lifts

The difference between floorplate and overhead lifts lies in the fact that the cables in this type of lifts run on the floorplate lifts’ bottom.

Four-post lifts

For larger autoshops catering to heavy duty vehicles, nothing is better than four-post lifts. This particular type of vehicle lift has the ability to hold heavier vehicles with higher capacities. Sefac USA has more than 50-types of four post lifts from reputable companies. Not only user-friendly and stable, four-post lifts also come with a myriad of different lifting capacities.

With the wide range of different capacities, customers will be able to easily choose the appropriate option for the job. From small to midsized vehicles such as sedans, to small trucks and other vehicles of up to 9,000 lbs capacity. Needing more options for higher capacities? Sefac USA also offers heavy truck lift ranging from 9,000lb to 40,000lb lifting capacity.

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