Environmental Friendly Plastic Production


Plastic seems like a blessing and also a curse to our life. These days, we use plastic for many different purposes. It is as simple thing as our shopping bags to advanced application of plastic materials. But we also need to realize that plastics become a big problem these days. It can’t be degradable and that what makes it a concerning environmental issue. Yes, plastic garbage becomes big source of pollution.

Plastic pollution becomes more and more concerning but we can’t deny the fact that plastic material is needed on various application. The campaign of reducing plastics on daily life won’t become the real solution. What makes plastic is an environmental issue is not only from the characteristics of the final product but also the fact that the production process causes many bad impact to the environment. What we need is more environmental friendly plastic materials. Roquette, the leading polymer company specializing in plant-based chemistry, is offering a new solution of environmental friendly plastic production with its new generation of bio-based plasticizer. This plasticizer is made from plant based materials and it designed to replace petrochemical-based plasticizers, the current standards of plastic industry these days.

This new product is known as Polysorb ID. It is basically a blend of plant based fatty acids with diesters derived from esterification of isosorbide. Roquette R&D labs have been developed this new plasticizer to offer excellent compatibility as well as processability with materials like PVC resins. It makes plastic production has the same and even better efficiency compared to standard plasticizers widely used these days. Using this bio plasticizers, the plastic products will be more environmental friendly and 100% safe make it suitable for many different applications. This plasticizer has been compliant with chemical control laws. This can be the future we are waiting for environmental sustainability.

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