Amazing Variety of Customized Containers

The container is dedicated not only non-standard containers and containers, but also three-dimensional reconstruction of houses, shops and junk. With containers, we mean they 20’x8’x8 large, and the larger box, which is used to transport everything from heavy machinery to thousands of jewelry boxes (each box).

These containers are widely used in international trade, because they can be packed and sealed at the factory needs to distant places, and then by truck, rail and ship (or aircraft) delivered will not be opened until they reach their destination. Uniform, particularly the size of the processing apparatus can easily transport containers from trucks, rail cars, and a boat in the opposite direction. With containers, efficient logistics and transport increased significantly.

Containers loaded with goods promoting economic and transport containers are not empty. Containers to be re-used for the delivery of goods from its original purpose. This is impossible, because of the trade imbalance, while empty containers tend to accumulate in higher import destination.

The problems caused by an empty container, and therefore an urgent need to be converted to other uses. Let’s take a look at this custom container reconstruction.

Trash Containers

Finally, the custom is a trash container. Empty containers scattered, it could be a waste of space garbage container truck container sales were very good, with a standard container handling equipment and processing them. In the trash, and can be strictly regulated and issued by the end of the open door.

Open Containers On

Download several types of goods, such as heavy machinery, open top containers. Open the container, this material can be lifted by a crane and put into a bowl. This is easier than the traditional way of trying to load.

Dedicated Container

The above example can be given a number of applications with standard container ideas. And liquid cargo containers and refrigerated containers and container venting organic products, small water container to fit many custom container requirements.

Container House

20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet high and containers, and can accommodate living space 9’x6 ‘bed that folds into the wall when not reasonably necessary and the number of seats can also be folded into the wall, counter, a small unit kitchen and toilet. This will be a stressful process, but in the workplace, providing dormitory. A container 0.5. 45’x8’x9 a standard size. Can accommodate more spacious rooms and facilities.

Can be installed in a container, thermal protection beyond to create a fun internal, and can reduce the overall design of the doors and windows to accommodate. Surya and can even move around the power supply continuously.

Houses opposite, and design, can be customized to create mobile shops and dining options, or other types of homes. Can make more than one level of container stacked on top of each other, or go to a minimum.

Apartment Shelf

Reinforcements left corner of the floor plate is peeling on the walls and ceiling of the sound (recycled) container. Slightly modified, and then can be changed to be suitable for a variety of applications, apartment’s shelf. For example, according to the wheels and can be moved along the rails. Items can be easily mounted on the inside, as well as providing easier lifting and load.

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