Database and Document Management Systems

Various business groups use different types of software to manage their documents. This program performs the function, and the creation of full-text indexing, and controls the various versions of documents, retrieval, and so forth.

And an important element in the document management system software and database technology is the inherent and control risk that confidential documents created and stored. The system is located and takes the documents requested by the records or documents under the control based on the subject at hand.

Database management systems to prevent unauthorized persons from access to information. Only users with passwords to gain access to the entire database or part of it. The provision is in addition to the data without changing the existing database. As the system is designed to filter out duplicate files.

For all documents created and stored, and the database system creates a series of information documents. This information is stored separately from the document itself. Information includes the name of the author has created a document and the World Health Organization, and the date of creation, and the last chance that he has access and any further changes made to it. The system also maintains information about the major themes or issues contained in the document and details of the relevant documentation required.

The system database must be reliable and have high levels of efficiency in the operational management of large amounts of text-based documents, images, audio and video. Database that can be collected or distributed, depending on the data management system software is installed in the organization. A central database, which stores personal information from documents in a single database, providing quick and efficient search, but the risk of losing information in case of power or corruption in the profile document repository. The information in database systems, storage and distribution scattered at various points on the basis of the corporate network or on disk structure. This reduces the risk of losing all the information in the event of failure or corruption.

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