Warm The Relations Within the Company

If the relationship between management and workers are responsible, based on fear or intimidation or that does not rely on the warmth and friendship, and MBWA system will move from a powerful way of cooperative problem solving is a big nightmare for all. You do not want your employees to fear the “fall”, and visit to see their productivity decline, and you are entering the labor market because they are too busy with the Department of the wonderful service and who does not like you get in their world. It is amazing how quickly a network of workers can identify and create an early warning system when the manager of a walk and so all the “ready” for what they believe will be an unpleasant surprise visit by the administration.

To avoid this, the supervisory authority must be another way to promote a good relationship with staff. Employees do not have to feel free to discuss topics and issues openly with management without fear of ridicule, derision devaluation, or punished. Many companies have created the “HP way” idea comes from the Ministry of Human Resources, which amounts to little more than a color poster on the wall, and suggests the box, but no change in corporate culture, and how it interacts with all the chief of staff. Staff quick to see the hypocrisy of such a program and the result is to manage, because the subject of ridicule instead of inspiration.

Make your visit a pleasant experience and received on an employee who is not afraid of your arrival, you can expect great results from the MBWA way. Will know that they have achieved real change in corporate culture as it goes not only to visit the workers, but they are the “fall” to you from a walk, if for no other reason than to share a joke or. These donuts are the perfect environment for collective action and initiative and solve problems.

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