Care Label Package for Clothing Company

Reduction in production costs with the introduction of the care label fabric care label package, and the printer and ink from Paxar. And new Paxar 9830CL thermal printer has been working with new fabric and coated nylon back and a new thermal transfer ink.

The purpose of the package medium garment manufacturers seeking low-cost clothing inplant labeling. Promoted as a one-stop solution and with caution tape, ink, ribbons, label printers and all made ​​by Paxar.

The company said the 9830CL is a low cost of ownership is a powerful and reliable than the solution, with a focus on simplicity and flexibility, where the label can be printed as needed.

Package requires minimal operator training. It is easy to load, easy flip-up access to the head must be a jam. Configuration software is also said to be lax. The film is too long to move longer and care for the design of a new cassette mechanism to ensure that plagued the system from tape wrinkles.

High quality print signs in a variety of fabrics from Paxar. Options can print speed of 64 mm, 100 mm and 152 mm 1/2 tagged up from 102 mm to 305 mm covers a wide range of bar code symbols, including 2D symbols.

Paxar 9830CL and 300dpi printer with 102 mm wide print head. Offers a line can be increased and battery backup for the Coordination of memory storage, communications, and ports, serial / parallel and 32-bit RISC processors for faster display.

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