New Company Name

Sometimes the name of the company to report a message in itself, and sometimes the story behind the name and add depth and distinction to this message.

Isis International Group, for example, using the name of one of the gods of Egypt, along comes the news that a good ear and a big display. Artfully designed set of forms, fonts, and colors.

The logo shows what can be done: training and consulting to a different world. Three consultants with expertise in the company in a cross-cultural training, coaching executive director of international assistance in facilitating the process of cross-border integration, and more.

With the history behind the name and at a deeper level of meaning is revealed. I write this the way to the opening of the company newsletter:

“Isis: Insightful Guide for the success of the World

“In ancient Egypt, and the goddess Isis reputation for exceptional strength, healing intelligence creativity, and innovation Isis International Group for the next steps with customized training and consulting for today’s smaller than before the world, if not ..”

Explain what the name, the company revealed some of the value and meaning that he has some qualities that are important to customers. Ideally, a complete accounting, marketing, and another copy of the work by the same company all this history. The whole group and then an incredibly exciting, and memorable.

Thus, the name of the strategy to work, you need at least one name that refers to the history and stories that do not exist and is not known on a large scale according to how you want to see the company. Most adults do not remember that the Egyptian goddess Isis was a goddess or a discipline, it still feels a mysterious international flavor to the name. In its most famous from mythology, like Hercules or Midas, however, the story clearly at risk of torture.

Ask for help top graphic designers and writers marketing to strengthen the relationship with history, and includes a short version of the story during a presentation of the company.

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