Management Projects Overseas

Today, many organizations I have decided to move to offshore development company to reduce costs and improve competitiveness. Businesses are sent to places like India and China and Russia. Cost savings in these countries is important, but the title is to store only a small part of the equation. Implementation of projects abroad is very different from the process at home. That I spoke with many project managers over the past year, it became clear that similar problems arise again and again. And understand before you start the project out to help you become better prepared. The six main areas to consider, and where. Most of the outsourcing issue

Understanding the Culture

Maybe this is the most complex and time consuming to understand. Rules may not apply Western business practices in areas such as India and China. Without a good understanding of the culture of easy things wrong. This may be useful to go on a cultural training program. A good lesson, I’ll tell you what to expect, and how to react and plan strategies for dealing with different ways of working.

Choose the Right Projects Overseas

Some companies follow a comprehensive approach to venture abroad, and expects to dispose of the internal development of information technology at all. The problem is that not all projects lend themselves to the development of the coast. A good candidate is usually a good marine projects very well defined with very little change expected or repetitive work. Projects that require a lot of interaction with customers or likely to be many changes during development is not appropriate.

Determining Coverage

Should be identified and marine projects in more detail than those in the run home. You will get what you ask for, including errors and errors in which all, whether obvious or not. Be sure to write everything and never make assumptions about what is obvious or implied. Take place outside the interests of many companies with expertise in this area is to improve the quality of the technical specifications and technical.

Get What You Pay For

It is important to know whether the people and services that pay is what you get. There is a tendency to provide a cheaper solution. And I agree with what you buy and check regularly, that is what you get. Ask about the history of life of people to ensure they have relevant experience and qualifications. Regular visits to verify that the work environment and equipment as expected.

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