A New Start for Coal

In the 21st century, why the burning of a black stone a bit to ship computers and cell phones?

Because after years of failure of the mines, lower prices, and achieve a return of a thriving coal industry.

In early 1900, coal is the main source of fuel in the country, providing nearly 90 percent of its energy needs, according to the Department of Energy.

Decline in demand for coal is cleaner than when oil and gas more efficiently and come to the fore. Today, nearly 55 percent of the country’s electricity generated by coal, and the number increased, according to the World Coal Institute.

Even if the perception of the coal industry has changed dramatically in recent years, coal is still an important role in the energy mix in the world for various reasons. It’s easy and safe to transport, are still much cheaper than natural gas, and this is a lot.

But not until gas prices go up, and a power outage inCaliforniathat use coal industry behind the stage. For decades, and apparently dead. But with the loosening of pollution restrictions, and start the administration of President George W. Bush to pave the way for the return of coal power plants across the country.

Oil in 1999 and gas are fossil fuels more expensive, and secondly, coal is the most expensive, according to the Department of Energy. Although the cost of electricity production from coal has increased over the years, still less than the cost of electricity production from natural gas or oil.

As for the cleanliness of the air, and coal has long been popular with the environment that fossil fuels produce the greatest amount of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and mercury associated with global warming. Current energy bill, however, and the proposed clean coal power initiative, which will be applied in high-tech way to reduce pollution while producing electricity from coal.

Currently, the mine closed in 1990 after more low carbon price in the southeasternUnited States. Mining and mining search (OTC BB: QMMG.OB) acquired the property and re-production of coal in accordance with the requirements of the Clean Air Act. According to Qwest, which emit less carbon than 1.2 pounds of sulfur dioxide per million British thermal units, referred to as “low-sulfur coal,” is currently trading at $ 50 to more than one ton.

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