Make a Breakthrough with Your Call to Action

Every great performance out loud, right? The conclusion is always better fireworks. Whether at the end of the day at Disney World or one-fourth of July ceremony will enjoy the bright colors and loud sounds of explosions. Creates a feeling of power and impact of the end of a long day.

Why not take this idea and included in the next copywriting for direct mail campaign? Three most import aspects of the sale of each letter / brochure / postcards are:

1. Posts to read e-mail

2. Copy that sells

3. And yes … A call to action that makes the Big Bang!

Should be invited to work directly and to the point. Just one click here, buy now, or save money is not enough. It’s kind of like hanging out in “Wanted dead or alive” signs around the city without giving names. This does not lead to the arrest of a “want” a few.

Three main aspects of a strong call to action are…

1. Make it emotional.

Love, fear, guilt, and pride of the emotional factors that respond directly and purchasing decisions.

2. Communicate your expectations.

If you want the reader to pick up the phone, go to your web site, or bring the coupon in your store, so to speak. May immediately! Let them know exactly what you want to do.

3. Makes it easy.

We live in a busy world. Not difficult for the reader to understand how to contact you. Upon notification of the action you want, put the item on the right. Include the web address, telephone number, or even on the map to your store. Readers will appreciate busy.

After a written copy, and provide a list of three important aspects of your call to action, and to ensure that explosive results!

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