Breakthrough Management Methods

MBWA method is a management concept that is becoming very «buzz» and popularity over the last decade, because it is part of the business model to change the work culture has been proven successful in many companies. The initial idea was created by David Packard in the early days of Hewlett-Packard organization, a Silicon Valley company known for high levels of creativity and is basically loyal staff, which seems to achieve higher productivity and employee satisfaction outside the base.

For the implementation of MBWA, the Director must adopt the concept of flexible and comfortable relationship with the staff. The main details of how to promote a soft MBWA in the title, by the Department of wandering. He suggested that instead of meeting with staff only on the date specified in the formal framework of other workers or in a staff meeting where the agenda is posted in advance, and many opportunities for staff to talk about management driven. When a supervisor or manager to walk freely among the staff working all day, and the opportunity to ask questions and interact with new ideas are being considered by staff. Of regular visits and directors often walked from room to room, great concept that may arise can then be developed into new product ideas or innovative solutions to problems.

“The Way of the HP”, is “the management of traffic on the” road section of based on the idea that workers and experts in the subject and especially in the areas of their work, and able to be part of the problem solving process, and that a team approach to create ideas new and innovative business solutions to solve the problem much better than “top down” management approach and is equipped with all the answers, and dictate them to blind obedience, but the staff.

Packard believes in open spaces, walls and no easy access to the culture of corporate governance that embody MBWA. By enabling frequent and unplanned interaction between employees and between management and staff, and provide new ideas as possible to be born and to encourage the development of a corporate culture that leads to a more diverse and flexible and one that has a strong close to the growth and change.

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